Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Madonna and Child, Saint-Remy, Step 2

4" x 6", egg tempera on Kelmscott vellum (in progress)

When I work on an image of Mary, I call upon her in prayers, 
as part of my effort to capture her spirit in paint.  The same is true of Jesus as a baby.  The painting has been going very smoothly, and I have been meditating also on the gold of the dress, which I feel makes this Madonna particularly special.  I really enjoyed capturing the lights and colors within the gold. Another darker blue layer has been added to the background to increase the contrast and bring the figures out more. 

Next I will go back to the faces, hands and flesh tones to fine-tune them some more.


Gainor said...

This is a beautiful painting! I have often wanted to do miniatures but have been unable to determine how you figure out the 1/6 rule. I started to do a small egg tempera once but was not sure how to decide if I was within the rules since I was painting a miniature tea set that was all ready small. I couldn't find anything at the time to enlighten me.

I am going to put your blog in my blogroll on my own blog. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Mona Diane Conner said...

Gainor, thank you. I'm so glad you appreciate it as a fellow egg tempera artist. I appreciate your informative instruction books on painting and egg tempera too. If you live in the Tampa area, do you know the Miniature Art Society of Florida in Clearwater? It would be fun to see you at the annual MASF show in Dunedin in when I am there in January.

Thanks for listing my blog.