Thursday, September 4, 2008

Different Strokes From Different Folks: Check it out, it's new!

"Solace" by Karin Jurick

Please be sure to check out daily painter and professional artist Karin Jurick's new blog, "Different Strokes From Different Folks - One Photograph Painted by Many," which you can access from her blog site,  Karin's beloved dog, Jack, who passed away this week, inspired this wonderful daily painting of Jack by Karin.  Her reference became the photo of the week on her newest blog challenging everyone else to paint Jack too, and submit their jpeg for posting on Different Strokes.  I did it too, and I plan another miniature version of Jack in the week ahead.  If you have appreciated Karin, and received inspiration from her wonderful daily answers over the past three years in paint, please consider joining in the fun of this first weekly challenge of painting Jack too.  I'd love to see at least 30 or 40 paintings of Jack come Karin's way!  

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