Sunday, September 14, 2008

How a miniature looks, mid-process

3" x 3  13/16", egg tempera on panel (in progress)

Here is a mini in egg tempera on panel that I am working on, to show you how it looks at a mid-stage of the painting process.  By this time I have put down several layers of paint. Some areas are more worked up than others, but overall I am still blocking in color and values.  Egg tempera paint is uniquely translucent, so in working with it I create color and value by building thin layers of paint on top of each other, alternately glazing and scumbling areas as I go.  I will post the final version of this painting later.  Along the way I'll describe more about how I work with egg tempera, but in the meantime a great resource of information about this wonderful painting medium is to be found here:  Society of Tempera Painters

For the next three weeks, I'll be posting my progress on preparing miniatures for three gallery shows.  First is the Miniature Art Society of Florida annual show, but since I am preparing simultaneously for three shows, expect announcements as I go over which painting will be directed toward a specific show.  Every other day or so I will be sharing with you how I prepare, from selecting subject matter and painting surfaces, to deciding, the case of MASF, what passes muster for competition.  If it sounds intensive preparing for three shows, it is!  But I love doing it, feel grateful for the opportunities I am being given, and I hope it brings some inspiration, just by sharing it with you.

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