Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Erlise is a Winner

"Erlise's Laugh"  3" x 3 13/16", egg tempera on panel, NFS

I was truly delighted to find out tonight that "Erlise's Laugh" won Second Prize in the category of 'Human Figure' in the Miniature Art Society of Florida 2009 Annual Show

It's my first win for this category.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"The Bluebird of Happiness"

"The Blue Bird of Happiness", 3/4" x 3/4"
egg tempera on vellum, (revised in a later post, 11/17)

Shown with a penny for scale, here is the tiniest Bluebird of Happiness I have ever painted.  
It's my smallest miniature ever.  The bird itself measures 3/8 of an inch in height.  

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Erlise's Laugh"

3" x 3  13/16", egg tempera on panel

Household member, Erlise, is much beloved by my sister's family.  I did this miniature as a tribute to Erlise for all that she has done for my sister and her family over the years.  Thank you Erlise! 

Erlise has the most delightful, musical laugh I have ever heard---hence the title, "Erlise's Laugh."  This portrait has been sent to the MASF competition, and will eventually go to my sister's family to either keep or give to Erlise.

"L'madone et l'Enfant de Remy de Saint" (Madonna & Child of Saint Remy)

4  3/16" x 5  13/16", egg tempera on Kelmscott vellum, 
(at Dunedin Fine Arts Center in Dunedin, Florida
for the MASF 2009 Annual International Miniature Art Show)

Here is the final version of "Madonna and Child of Saint Remy."  I titled this in French because I found my inspiration for this painting during my trip to France, when our guide gave us some time to explore Saint Remy by ourselves.  I took a walk on my own and discovered a small cathedral called St. Martin's, with many beautiful devotional statues.  It was very dark inside, and I couldn't believe I was alone in such a beautiful place.  I felt so blessed to find this life-sized Madonna and Child dressed in gold, and knew then that I would want to paint my own version.

This got sent out for the MASF show in a lovely gold frame.  Framing is part of the jurying process in this particular miniature competition.  Certain specifications and guidelines must be followed, and I'll discuss more about framing for competition in a future post.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Just Peachy", Framed

"Just Peachy", egg tempera on Kelmscott vellum,
(at Dunedin Fine Arts Center in Dunedin, Florida, for the 
MASF 2009 Annual International Miniature Art Show)

I promised to post a copy of "Just Peachy" in its frame, and here it is.  It is being submitted for the Miniature Art Society of Florida show.  I'll be posting other final entries for the MASF show shortly, and then it's on to the next show!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Refining "Just Peachy"

"Just Peachy", 1  3/4" x 1  1/4", 
egg tempera on Kelmscott vellum

An earlier dailywork, "Just Peachy" has been refined and developed 
into a masterwork so that I can submit it as a still-life painting for the MASF show competition.  I have the perfect frame for it, and if time permits I hope to scan it framed to show you how it looks before I send it out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Madonna and Child of St. Remy" Step 3, & Frame Shopping

4" x 6", egg tempera on Kelmscott vellum

Now nearing completion, I have been working toward portraying a feeling of a living Mary and baby Jesus in this painting instead of just replicating the devotional statue.  Not an easy task, since my reference is somewhat 'doll-like', but it feels important to try.  I darkened the background further, and have started to create a slight feeling of an aura around Mary.

Last week I also went frame shopping, and here are some of the miniature frames I have chosen for my general use:

(detail of Venetian glass floral mosaic frames)