Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More progress on "The Piano Recital, Mary's Turn"

"The Piano Recital, Mary's Turn," (in progress) 5 1/2" x 4 1/4", egg tempera on gessoed panel

Here is another update on my progress on the portrait of Mary. I've started working on the piano keys, and next, will zero in more on the beautiful dress she is wearing, which has a delicate pink floral pattern.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"Niche in Aix-en-Provence"

"Niche in Aix-en-Provence," 1 7/8" x 1 5/16", egg tempera on Kelmscott vellum

(framed version, shown at it's actual size)

Here is one of three spiritually-toned entries I submitted earlier this week to the annual miniature show competition of the Miniature Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers Society of Washington D.C. This little French Madonna and Child ornaments the corner of a building in the beautiful town of Aix en Provence. My other two entries, which were shown recently also at the Miniature Art Society of Florida show are "Madonna and Child of Saint-Remy," and "Amma's Eyes".

Monday, September 21, 2009

progress on "The Piano Recital, It's Mary's Turn"

"The Piano Recital, Mary's Turn" (in progress), (click on the image to see it at it's actual size) 5 1/2" x 4 1/4", egg tempera on gessoed panel

I'm busily preparing for two miniature shows, so it's just occasional updates for right now. Here's an update on my progress with the portrait of Mary at the piano recital. I've really been enjoying working on this one!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday Drawing

"Casey," 7 1/2" x 8 1/4" (small work) graphite drawing
(click the image to see it larger)

Belated Happy Birthday Casey (September 9)! My youngest nephew, Casey, is a few years more mature than this drawing reflects, but I drew my inspiration from one of my favorite pictures of him from 2007 because I feel it just captured him so well.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wedding Roses

"Heaven on Earth Rose," (in progress, Step 2)

During the past week I was thrilled to attend the lovely wedding of good friends, Susan and Peter. On this great occasion I met their wonderful families and friends, and it was also an honor for me to be asked to serve as one of their witnesses at the wedding. After a warm, elegant ceremony in a private room at Convivium restaurant here in Brooklyn, and champagne toasts all around, I enjoyed ballet-dancing with Peter's granddaughter, Madeline, sharing a delightfully delicious meal, and a special wedding cake baked by the restaurant's co-owner, Michelle Pulixi.

Susan and Peter at their wedding

Madeline and I ballet-dancing after the wedding at Convivium

Susan gave me some of these gorgeous pink roses to take home from the wedding, and once I complete my work for the upcoming miniature shows, I hope to paint at least one 'wedding rose' miniature! Susan and Peter, Mazel tov!

pink roses from the wedding (photo © Mona Diane Conner 2009)

photo © Mona Diane Conner 2009

photo © Mona Diane Conner 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Step 1 of "Heaven on Earth Rose," and What's Next

"Heaven on Earth Rose," (in progress), 2 3/16" x 2 5/8", egg tempera on Kelmscott vellum

Shell Frame for "Heaven on Earth Rose"

the sketch for my next miniature, "The Piano Recital: It's Mary's Turn"

Sometimes when the object being painted is so beautiful, it's really nice to be able to zero in on it more, and the rose I have started painting is hard to resist for a close-up view. When this is done in miniature painting, it can wind up being miniature in the size of the painting itself, and miniature in its level of detail, but not at 1/6th of life scale, and this is sometimes called an 'atypical' miniature. "Heaven on Earth Rose" is an example of this.

"Heaven on Earth" is the species name of this variety of Floribunda rose, which I photographed from the first rose bush I planted in my father's memory. I've planned for it to be framed with this pink shell frame, and when it's finished, I will post it for sale exclusively on this blog, but since two more major miniature shows are fast approaching it will be completed in my spare time as I go forth.

Next I'll be starting the miniature painting of "The Piano Recital: It's Mary's Turn."

This post also marks my one year anniversary with The Ruby Slippers blog, since my first post began Sept. 4th, 2008.