Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sorting Out a Small Work on a Gold Leaf Panel

Detail of my drawing that will go in the center of the panel, overlapping
and following the lines of the inset area.

Icon panel, 13"W x 17"H

I spent part of today sorting out how I want to do a small work painting in oil on panel.  It's important for me to do a small work periodically, because it gives me an opportunity to loosen up my hand for the miniatures themselves.   I also want to try painting this one in oil over gold leaf.   It's something new for me, but I hope it will still be fun and interesting to see what I can come up with.

I have a special icon panel I ordered from Pandora, my panel supplier, just because I loved the shape, and I've been saving it for just the right painting, so maybe this is it.  I asked for this particular panel to be made slightly different from it's standard version that was being shown online (it originally had small window insets on the sides), and it is a real luxury that Pandora is willing to fulfill special requests like this.

I did a sketch in pencil from a photo I took of a friend and her baby daughter wearing a tulle ballet skirt.  I want the painting to crop tightly around their faces in a way that draws the viewer in.  I will apply the gold leaf all over the panel, allowing some of the gold leaf to peek through the oil paint to help give the painting a golden glow.  Above is a photo of my panel, and a portion of my pencil drawing (which didn't quite all fit on my scanner) that will be a guide for the painted version. 

The panel has an icon-style indentation that follows the pattern of it's outer shape, and it's a smaller area than I want to paint in, so I decided I will allow the painting to expand out beyond the in-set area about 1/2", while still following it's shape.  Doing this may even wind up adding further interest.  My next step will be to cover the panel with leaf, and allow it to set overnight. 
I will be oil gilding, and in this instance using imitation gold leaf, which will still have the same rich effect as real gold leaf in terms of it's overall impact.

I'll post more progress on Aretha tomorrow........


James Parker said...

Looking forward to watching your progress on this piece

artbyakiko said...

This sounds very interesting. I have never used a gold leaf. Looking forward to your next step. The panel is shaped so beautifully! Thanks for sharing your supplier info.

Debra Keirce said...

Keep us posted...I can't wait to see the finished work!!