Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just received an Art Blog Award from great artist & fellow art blogger, Akiko Watanabe.  Thanks Akiko!  Please check out her amazing animal paintings.  The recipient of this award is supposed to name 7 things he/she loves, so here are 7 of mine:

1.  I love God, and I feel a connection to God whenever I paint, and this is #1 for me. 
2.  photography - some I do for painting reference, but more recently I have 'gone pro' and included my photography in my professional galleries on my website.  Some of my photography combines with my love for travel.
3.  Icon-writing - I've taken lessons in Russian Byzantine icon painting  (called 'icon-writing'), and this is something I very much enjoy and look forward to doing more of.
4.  The view out my studio window - I look out on Brooklyn rooftops and the Williamsburg Bank building.  I've heard there is a falcon's nest on the top of it's tower.
5.  The food in my neighborhood -  great restaurants.  Akiko, come visit!  There is the local Food Co-op and Brooklyn Bread bakery, with the pastries of your dreams, cannolis, cream puffs, fruit tarts and delicacies.  I'll have to paint some of these.
6.  Park Slope -  the neighborhood where I live in Brooklyn, is a hopping place I've called home for 31 years.
7.  Water - I love the seashore and water environments, so my studio is LoveWater Studio.

I'm passing this Art Blog Award to five artists in the miniature painting and wildlife arenas:
Rachelle and Wes Siegrist - award-winning husband-wife team of miniaturists specializing in wildlife art.  Rachelle has also won awards for her miniature portraits
Bill Mundy - from Oxfordshire, U.K. one of the greatest portrait miniaturists, who shares wonderful travel stories
Dana Lee Thompson - check out Dana's website including miniature paintings of her specialties:  hounds and horses
Johnny Mullane - just recently discovered this wonderful wildlife painter's blog


artbyakiko said...

Mona, it's so nice to read about what you love! You have great restaurants around where you live...I might have to visit. :)
I just checked your award recipients. Wow! Their artworks are just as breathtaking as yours!!!

Edward Burton said...

You have a wonderful list of loves, Mona. Please do some paintings of pastries, I'd love to see them!