Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My Grandma Conner, the other artist in my family

My studio

I've been tagged by a great artist, Edward Burton
Be sure to check out Ed's holiday sale.  I was impressed by a saw he painted, (his 10/5/08 post), and he paints murals too.

I'm sorry it took me a few days to follow through on this, but I've been looking forward to it.  This 'game' is a fun way to find and get to know great blogger friends in art.  The rules of this game are:

1. (List the rules) and put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you. 
2. List 7 unusual things or little known facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 talented bloggers at the end of your post, linking their names in your post and commenting on their blogs to let them know.  (If you are tired of tag, no pressure of course.)

So here it goes:
1.  I paint tiny, but also huge.  I've done two ceiling murals in my Brooklyn apartment, and one is a mural of a Holy Spirit Dove directly above the area where I sit and paint (see my studio pictured above)
2.  I once managed to catch my lip in a suitcase lid (but hey, only once!)
3.  I like to do shellcraft.  See the photo of my Grandma above with a frame I shelled.
4.  In art school I purchased a used oak drawing table for $25 from a fellow student, and I have painted at this table ever since, (except when using an easel.)  
5.  I love mangoes, my favorite fruit.  I promise to paint them too.
6.  As a kid, after being exposed to lots of John Wayne movies thanks to my Dad, I refined an imitation of the 'John Wayne walk'.  How did it get seen by Nathan Lane is what I can't figure out!
7.  In my spare time I do hands-on healing.

I am tagging the following 7 people (the first 2 in 'tribute'):
1. E.V. "Peg" Conner, my Grandmother.  My most significant artist mentor, she worked very hard so I would have better chances in life, than she did, to pursue my artistic dreams.
2.  Robert Weaver, a great artist/mentor who was my inspiration for learning egg tempera.
There are so many great blog artists to tag, but just for starters, here are five people I highly respect and recommend a look at (comments not required, but I added a few notes):
great spontaneous watercolors
Paintings From the Point is so mysterious I want to know more
rich color and fine application of paint
Abbey loves the Jersey shore and so do I, plus what talent
diversity is her forte and I enjoy diversity in my creativity also

I list also the following people who inspired me to start my blog (see their links to the right):
Julian Merrow-Smith
Duane Keiser
Karin Jurick
Mick McGinty
Michael Naples


Edward Burton said...

Hi Mona, thank you so much for the wonderful lead-in to your "tag" list - I am very flattered. The shell frame you made for your grandmother's photograph is beautiful - so was your grandmother. And your ceiling mural is amazing!

Debbie said...

Hello Mona, thank you for including me on your tag list. Your artwork is lovely, and very impressive. egg tempera and vellum are 2 things I've never tried, so your paintings are very interesting to me as well. I love your shell frame too, it's so pretty!

Cathy Gatland said...

Thanks for the tag, Mona! I can see your love of diversity (though I think mine stems from ADD!) and your artwork is terrific - I'd love to try egg tempera one day - not sure if I have the patience.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Ed, Debbie, and Cathy, thanks for your kind words.