Sunday, December 14, 2008

For Your Enjoyment: The first of two Holy Family Scenes

"Mary & Jesus, Aix en Provence Exterior Wall", 1 5/16" x 1 7/8"


Edward Burton said...

Another AMAZING mini painting, Mona! Very nice job. My wife and I went to Aix on our first trip to the Mediterranean BEAUTIFUL town. Yes,I am EXTREMELY pleased with the portrait that Karin did of me -I got the fez and outfit in Tunis, Tunisia on our last trip. I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome of everyone's portraits.

Edward Burton said...

Hi Mona, thank you for the very nice compliments you left on Karin's "A Painting Today" blog regarding the portrait and your confidence in me to do a good job with her portrait - it is very much appreciated. Happy Holidays to you, Mona!

artbyakiko said...

Amazing miniature painting! I have been in love with this form of art for a couple of years now and trying to learn how to paint miniatures. It's very difficult.
Your artworks are just stunning! All of them are!! Will come back to see your new masterpieces.