Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Update & More on Archie's World too

Due to several health concerns in 2013 and early 2014, there has been a pause on this blog, but here's an update for you all.  First a bit of progress on my house portrait commission for the Weiss family home and pond in upstate New York, and my thanks to Ricky Weiss and her husband Roberto Chavez for their patience in waiting for me to recuperate until more painting time would be possible.  (Regarding more details on the background about the Conner and Weiss families, as well as the story behind this commission, see my post below this one.)

"Archie's World" in progress,  3" x 8 1/4", egg tempera on panel
(please click the image to see it larger)

Also!  I'm excited to have a new website on my work to share with you, which is specifically for my portrait commissions, so please visit there whenever you have the time and interest at: 

I've also made just a start on revamping (or really re-creating would be more accurate) the original website for my work as a fine artist, and even though there are overlaps between the two sites, much of the content is unique on each one, and the two websites will now represent my art work online, along with my four painting blogs.  So you can find this start on my fine art website presently at:

And Happy New Year to you all!  More soon I hope too! 

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