Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Hat Lady with Red Flowers" and "Red-ruffed Lemur"

"Hat Lady with Red Flowers", 5" x 7", small work oil on sealed clayboard

"Red-ruffed Lemur" (in progress), 11" x 14", oil on Ampersand gessoboard

So first, here is "Hat Lady with Red Flowers" after more progress. Since small works as well as miniatures comprise just a portion of my work as an artist, "Hat Lady" is included in a gallery on my website which I've recently renamed to include both types of paintings and which you can visit here: MINIATURE PAINTINGS AND SMALL WORKS

Second, I started "Red-ruffed Lemur" quite a while ago, but reached a point where I felt undecided over how I wanted to handle the background. Yesterday I pulled this one it out again and seemed to know exactly how I wanted to proceed. I still have more to do on this painting, but it's a good example of how helpful it can be, (if time permits, since artists don't always have this luxury!), to wait until it feels just right to process a painting. I've often enjoyed painting animals, and you can view some of my other work on this topic by visiting my website under:


suzanneberry said...

mona your gift is boundless! i find myself studying your work, lost in the subtle shift in tone and value. the background on the lemur is perfection, i'm really excited about seeing this painting progress and the lady in the red hat is a joy to behold! your work is amazing as always!

artbyakiko said...

Nice to see your works in oil! Great color combinations in the lemur painting. Looking forward to see how it progresses.

art-Profiles said...

magnificent paintings.