Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Laguna Rose" Birthday art

"Laguna Rose", 5 3/4" x 4 1/4", graphite miniature drawing of my mother, Marcia, for her December 7th birthday

Spent part of Dec. 7 working on this drawing of my Mom, a moment captured when she was on vacation in Laguna Beach, just enjoying a rose arbor, in the summertime. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom!


Barbara A. Freeman said...

Mona, this is lovely. What a great composition! I'm sure she will love it! Happy Birthday to her!

Dec. 7th is both my Mother-inlaw and Father-inlaw's birthday. They are one year apart. She turned 90 and he 91!

Unknown said...

Mona dear, this is so beautiful. What a very, very special birthday gift. You were our special gift when you were born, and now you are sharing your gift for art with many others. What can I say - except thank, you, thank you, thank you!

dominique eichi said...

very nice !

Unknown said...

How absolutely gorgeouos Mona - and wasn't your Mum a stunner!! I love her comment above too - very touching!!!!!

Edward Burton said...

What a wonderful birthday present. Beautifully handled, Mona.

artbyakiko said...

Beautiful drawing, Mona! It's like a snapshot that has captured her beautiful connection with this small rose. Great birthday present!