Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eve and Her Dog (part 3) & Piano Key Miniature

"Eve and Her Dog," small work in progress, 9" x 12", charcoal & pencil on mylar

Now that I've developed the clothesline I feel I want to indicate a building or two behind it in the background to clarify where Eve is, but since I'm not sure if this rooftop scene was in Manhattan or elsewhere, I'm going to ask Eve, and get filled in on that before I proceed further. I'm also starting a small floral mini before I resume on the piano recital miniature because the show I'm preparing the floral for happens first.

Meanwhile, do these eyes look familiar?

piano key ivory (shown at it's actual size)

I'm also starting a new miniature eye portrait, and this time I'm painting it on a piano key! You can read more about piano key ivories and follow me as I paint this miniature portrait of my own eyes in oils on my eye portrait blog, Eye Portraits in Miniature


Debra Keirce said...

Hi Mona! You're having fun! Are those eyes from the same person or 2 different people?

Unknown said...

Hi Mona, thank you so much for your info on "small works" in response to my question - Somehow I accidentally rejected it, and I can't seem to retrieve it, but that is great to know :)