Saturday, May 2, 2009

First of Two Chocolate Dutch Rabbits & Awards

"Chocolate Dutch Rabbit," 2" x 3", egg tempera on Strathmore board,  (available)

I love chocolate Dutch rabbits, so I thought I'd try painting a mother and a baby.  This is the mother.

Ed Burton recently honored me with the Passion for Painting and the Lemonade Award.  It's my first time receiving the Lemonade Award, given for positive attitude, gratitude, support, and online friendship.  Thanks Ed,  it's mutual, and check out Ed's blog, to see his amazing tromp d'oeil ceiling mural.

Instead of passing these two awards on, I'd like to award two more people Mona's Mini Blog Award:  Rachelle Siegrist, and Dana Lee Thompson.  Don't miss seeing their fine work in miniature, and Rachelle's blog.  Rachelle often features her latest wildlife masterpiece on her blog.  Dana paints beautiful horses and hounds, and I hope she'll be inspired to start her blog soon, but any miniaturist qualifies for this award and can pass it on to others via email if not via blog.

Rachelle and Dana, you can see the rules for passing this award forward in my April 16 post, and here are five more of my favorite movies: " The English Patient", "Nashville", "Days of Heaven" (love the soundtrack in this one), "The Russians are Coming...The Russians are Coming!", & "Rear Window".  (My movie of the year for 2009 is still "Sugar!")  (Note:  I made an error in Dana Lee Thompson's link at first.  So sorry, it's fixed now.)


Melody Lea Lamb said...

Sweet little tuxedo bunny!
Have a great day.

L.Holm said...

What a sweet rabbit! (i wish the name didn't make me crave a chocolate bunny ;-) )
Congratulations on your awards. Well-deserved, and great list of others artists.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Thanks Melody and Liz!

artbyakiko said...

I love this mom bunny with a butterfly. She is so cute. Congrats on your awards!! Well deserved.

Edward Burton said...

Very cute bunny, Mona. I always liked the Dutch rabbits - I used to raise the Rex breed when I was in 4-H. Wonderful artist choices. Thank you for the kind mention.

Dean Grey said...

Cute bunny!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mona,
Thanks so very much for the "Mona's Mini blog Award". To be honest, even though I enjoy watching movies, I'm not that much into them and have a terrible time remembering what I've seen. Wes has to tell people whether we have seen a particular movie or not, most of the time, as I cannot remember. . HA! So it's nearly impossible for me to remember let alone name 5 of my favorite movies. However, thanks so much for thinking of me anyway :-)

Mona Diane Conner said...

Thanks everyone. Rachelle, you qualify for the award simply on the basis that you are one of my favorite miniature painters. If you want to pass it forward anyway, it's fine on this basis alone.

Debra Keirce said...

Another beautiful masterpiece! Congrats on the awards!