Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Very First Miniature Compared to Now

"Water Lilies with Trochus Shells," 2" x 3", egg tempera on Strathmore board with glazed and shelled frame  (SOLD)

I thought it would be interesting to post for you the first miniature I ever painted, because I think it shows how I have been making some progress over the past nine years compared to my first try.  The details in "Water Lilies" are less defined, and it was also painted on a coarser surface of cold press Strathmore, which made it harder for me to achieve detail.  I worked on a smoother surface for this more recent miniature,"The Ruby Slippers."

"The Ruby Slippers," 3/4" x 1 3/8," egg tempera on kelmscott vellum
in Venetian glass frame, Available

Tomorrow I'll be posting a review of all the paintings which are currently available for sale on this blog, and on Wednesday I hope to post my next video, which is called, "The Ruby Slippers."  Stay tuned and watch it later this week to find out why.
(*Note:  sorry it's late, but my sale will be posting soon, so please check back for it and the video too, and thanks for your patience.)


artbyakiko said...

I can't believe this lotus is your first miniature. It's so detailed and beautiful. Your Rubby Slippers is absolutely beautiful and it has a perfect frame for it. To tell you the truth, I can't tell one is better than the other. I love both.
So this is also the name of your blog. I love to know why. :)

Debra Keirce said...

Very nice! I think I'm where you were years ago...I just recently started looking into art boards as a support rather than the bumpy canvas, so I can achieve more detail in my small format art. Watercolor paper is still my favorite substrate, with its absorbancy though.

Dean Grey said...

Thanks for showing us some of your earlier work, Mona!

I think the water lilies painting holds up against any of your newer works. Very colorful and fun.